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Amir, 06Dec18

Great service, Great price, can't complain!

Ari, 24Nov18

Loved It!

Joe, 27Oct18

Wings meal deal option would be nice!

Matthew, 24Mar18


Excellent food will definitely be ordering from here again!

Anthony, 20Mar18

good quality food, consistent.

Connor, 08Feb18


Very nice food

Myles, 06Jan18

Amazing service with speeedy deliveries. I buy this every few weeks when I have a lazy night and it never disappoints. Became much better after new management kicked in. If you are considering buying, definitely do. Worth the prices.

Arther, 07Dec17

speed was good!

Chandana, 28Nov17

Absolutely delicious meal tonight, it was mushroom omelette with onions, prawns and sweet corn extras, chips come with it.

Catherine, 12Aug17

Excellent service and excellent food

Cath, 11Aug17

As usual, I am satisfied. From the warm-spirited delivery guy and Manager to the quality and delivery of my meal just excellent.

Maxine, 30Apr17

your food is good but i just wanna ask if all the meat is halal in this restaurant?

Nerisha, 11Apr17

Really nice pizza

Freddy, 09Jan17

Food came in 25 minutes not 45, good. Did not include drink, bad. Took over two hours to get the drink handed to me without an apology, very bad. Would've expected something thrown in from another place for our troubles. Food quality was generally fine.

James, 07Jan17

very good thanks

Eric, 16Dec16


H, 15Dec16


Beth, 02Nov16

Impressed with all aspects of service

Maxine Missick, 01Nov16

Really good stuff mate.

Harambe Mcharambe Face, 13Sep16

Very nice curry. Everything I have from you always tastes gorgeous!! Thank you for my lovely tea

Carrie , 21Jul16

Very nice food!!

Freddy, 03Jun16

I usually do order from here but this meal is not its usual quality but the delivery guy is a great soul

Maxine Missick, 02Jun16

arrived quicker than expected!

Ectobiologist, 23May16

Brilliant service

Chloe, 15May16

good selection, would order again

Amazingakita, 15May16